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Truck Rental

Are you lining up food vendors for a concert, art fair, festival, etc.? Would you like to rent the full truck for a private event? No problem. Please fill out the vendor request form and we’ll be in touch with you soon to learn more about your event’s details.

Please note that we do not offer drop-off/pick-up catering service.

Truck Rental Fee

$1,250 min. food & beverage required to rent the truck

Base: $350 for 2 hours
Add: $175 per hour after 2 hours

Additional fees may apply based on event location.

Basic Package

Your choice of three (3) tacos per person (Skirt Steak, Grilled Chicken, or Chorizo) with beans & rice -OR- chips & salsa.

Deluxe Package

Your choice of one (1) burrito -OR- three (3) tacos per person from our full truck menu with beans & rice OR chips & salsa.

Big Baller Package

Your choice of one (1) burrito -OR- three (3) tacos per person from our full truck menu, self-serve Nacho Bar, Mexican Chocolate Chunk cookies, and soft drinks.


Nacho Bar
Tortilla chips, queso, salsa, green onions, tomatoes, Guapo sauce.
$5.00 per person

Add Grilled Chicken or Chorizo to Nacho Bar
$1.00 per person

Add Guacamole to Nacho Bar
$2.00 per person

Water, Pop, and our signature Jalapeño Lime-ade
$2.00 per person

Mexican Chocolate Chunk cookie
$1.50 each


Do you have a question about our catering or truck rental services? Here are some of the most common questions along with some answers.

What are the dimensions of the truck?

The dimensions of our food truck are 26ft by 8ft.

Do you have any power/electricity requirements?

The El Guapo Grill food truck is completely self contained and does not require any additional power from our clients.

Is there any deposit required to book the truck?

No, currently a deposit is not required to book our food truck for your event.

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cash & checks.

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Please note: El Guapo reserves the right to decline any catering request due to location, distance, or low attendance.

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