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Our favorite food trucks and stands in Eastern Market

It used to be that Eastern Market was a destination reserved for an eclectic subset of individuals. Those people who had dramatic on-again-off-again relationships with Russian kale vendors. Those that classified themselves as “Professional Street Buskers.” Those that liked to fill their fridges and countertops with aspirational fruits and vegetables, simply to make their visitors feel shame over the wilting celery in their own crisper. But over the past decade or so, the sheds along Russell St have filled with exciting new retailers, enticing a different crowd down to the old stalls on Saturday mornings. And hidden among these merchants are a slew of tantalizing prepared food vendors and food trucks, offering up all sorts of ready-to-eat bites — everything from savory meatball sandwiches to bagels to detoxing raw juice. Here are 12 of the tastiest eats in Eastern Market you absolutely have to indulge in this weekend:

El Guapo was the very first food truck licensed in Detroit and its silver and black taco-mobile has been a constant presence on Saturdays in the market since 2012. But the fare at El Guapo extends way beyond the mundane triumvirate of meat, cheese, and tortilla; at this truck’s window you can sink your teeth into uncommon delicacies such as the popular pork belly tacos, brimming with pork belly confit, cilantro, onions, guacamole, and the ever-mysterious, ever-delicious Guapo sauce. All that for four bucks. Add a glass of its “famous” jalapeño lime-ade for a dollar and half more and you can call lunch done, son.


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