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Detroit’s Best Taco Trucks

Really great food is worth waiting for. When we know our patience will be rewarded with mind-blowing flavor or a unique experience, we don’t mind delaying the satisfaction.

But with tacos, we get the best of both worlds – especially when they are really, really good tacos. They’re on our plate (and then in our belly) in no time.

There are plenty of excellent Mexican restaurants around Detroit where you can get your taco fix, but there’s something extra fun about ordering them from a truck. It feels a little more like we’re in on a secret, like it could disappear tomorrow and all that deliciousness would be gone. Better order another, just in case.

Read on for our favorite taco trucks in Detroit.

El Guapo

Detroit’s first fully licensed food truck has been feeding hungry Detroiters since 2011.

Burritos and tacos are the stars of the show on this menu. El Guapo isn’t afraid to branch out from the traditional flavors, with wonderfully tasty results. They add an Asian-Mexican fusion to their menu with items like Korean beef taco. The porkbelly confit taco is famously good as well.

You really can’t go wrong with any one of their freshly prepared meals but one of our favorites is the Lucky Day burrito, which combines chicken, chorizo, rice and beans, slaw, cheese, guacamole, jalapenos, salsa, and guapo sauce.

Let’s talk about the guapo sauce for a minute, because it turns up on the menu frequently and first timers often aren’t sure what to make of it. The sauce has a creamy texture, faint orangey-pink hue, and a flavor that smacks of chile peppers (which, sadly, we have been unable to replicate at home). It provides a wonderful flavor kick to everything it touches. Don’t forget to wash it all down with a glass of jalapeno lime-ade.

You can often find El Guapo in Eastern Market, Campus Martius and other spots around town. Keep an eye on their Facebook or Twitter pages for the latest schedule.


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