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6 Taco Trucks We’d Like To See On Every Corner

When Marco Gutierrez cautioned MSNBC earlier this month about loose immigration policies leading to a taco truck on every corner, it was meant to be a warning. But to be honest, the whole thing just made us hungry. A world where we wouldn’t even have to walk two blocks for a mouthful of al pastor or barbacoa? We see no problems there.

No matter which side of the political aisle you stand on, when tacos are involved everybody wins. And Detroit has some seriously good taco trucks roaming the city; ones which we’d happily pass by on our daily walks.

Read on for the Detroit taco trucks we’d like to see on every corner. Click on a truck’s name for more details about where to find them.

El Guapo

Detroit’s first fully licensed food truck has been feeding hungry Detroiters since 2011. Dan and Lindsey Gearig and Anthony Curis pioneered the city’s now-thriving food truck movement with the birth of El Guapo Fresh Mexican Grill.

Tacos and gigantic, hunger-defeating burritos are the stars of the show on this menu. The Ned Nederlander burrito is not only fun to say but a delight to taste. Sweet potato fries are wrapped in a tortilla with beans and rice, slaw, and guapo sauce. At first, some of the flavor combinations seemed unusual to our unsophisticated palate (Beef and pineapple? French fries in a burrito?) but, man, are they delicious. Flavor fireworks in every bite.

We suggest an order of chips and guac or sweet potato fries with sriracha honey on the side. Wash it all down with a refreshing beverage. The jalapeno limeade is developing a cult following all its own.


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